That power of information comes interaction - interaction is not an optional extra - information which can not be interacted with is dead and useless and in a very real sense not information at all.

Liquid Information is about freely interacting with information, letting information interact with other information and ultimately, for you to become liquid within the information, to flow with, and thorugh, the information, not to just skim the surface.

The reality is that when information is freed, it is we who become free. This is the central premise and philosophy of liquid information and this is my passion.

This is why we are leaving the age of information and entering the age of interactivity.

I have been lucky enough to work with and learn from Doug Engelbart who really highlighted the importance of what he refers to as symbol manipulation, which is at the core of my work, where I focus primarily on richly interactive text.

In support of the vision I produce software, host The Future Of Text Symposium and run The Deep Literacy Project.


  Frode Hegland
  London 2013